News - How to avoid the damage of resin tile during shipment

In the first step, when loading and unloading resin tiles, in order to avoid scratches on the surface of resin tiles, prevent dragging during loading and unloading.
The second step is to load and unload every few pieces of resin tiles.
In the third step, when loading and unloading the resin tile, there must be a person every three meters to hold the two sides of the resin tile tightly with the same height as the head to prevent the resin tile from breaking.
In the fourth step, when the resin tile is hoisted to the roof, it is forbidden to bend in the vertical and horizontal directions to prevent it from cracking.
The fifth step, the resin tiles should be stacked on a firm and level ground. The bottom and top of each pile need to be protected by packaging boards. It is forbidden to place heavy objects on them to prevent the resin tiles from cracking, and the height of each pile of resin tiles It cannot exceed one meter.
In addition, the resin tile should also pay attention to its protection and maintenance work according to different operating environments, and the correct operation and protection of the device should also be paid attention to, so that we can better exert its effects and extend its service life. Although the resin tile has strong weather resistance, it is necessary to avoid long-term outdoor stacking and long-term exposure to wind, sun and rain, which will cause bad wear on the appearance of the resin tile and affect normal use.

Post time: Mar-04-2021