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1. Stable color maintenance and Good sound insulation
2. Excellent corrosion resistance and Excellent weather resistance,
3. Excellent load resistance performance
4. Good impact resistance and low temperature resistance
5. The material is not flammable and Good impact resistance

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In the ever-evolving world of architecture and design, finding the perfect roofing solution is crucial to the overall aesthetic appeal and functionality of any building. One material that has become very popular in recent years is PVC corrugated roofing sheet. These synthetic resin sheets supplied by Tianjin Jiaxing Import and Export Co., Ltd. are not only durable and cost-effective, but they also offer a range of unique features that set them apart from traditional roofing options.

Product Type ASA Synthetic resin roof tile
Overall Width 1050mm
Effective Width 960mm
Length Customized (accorded to the times of 219mm)
Thickness 2.0mm /2.3mm/2.5mm / 3.0mm/Customized
Wave Distance 160mm
Wave Height 30mm
Pitch 219mm
Color brick red/ purplish red/ blue/ dark gray/ green or customized
Application residential houses, villa, holiday villages, Apartment, School, Hospital, park, workshops, Gallery, Gazebo,chemical factories, public buildings, greenhouses,and government “Flat to Sloping” projects, etc.
 Container Loading capacity


SQ.M./40 FCL (15 tons)

SQ.M./40 FCL (28 tons)










Installation made easy:

One of the standout features of PVC corrugated roofing panel is their hassle-free installation process. Unlike other roofing materials, these panels do not require any reserved expansion holes, which saves time and effort during the construction phase. The contractor simply drills holes in the panels and secures them securely, ensuring a quick and easy installation process. Additionally, this ease of installation translates into long-term savings, as there are no ongoing maintenance costs with these durable panels.

Asa Villa Roof Tile
Spanish Asa Roof Tile

Unleash creativity and style:

Available in a variety of rich colors and unique shapes, PVC corrugated roofing panels successfully combine practicality with beauty. Whether you are designing a modern, minimalist structure or a rustic country home, these panels seamlessly integrate and enhance the overall architecture.  PVC corrugated roof panels have the ability to customize the look of your building, allowing you to create a visually stunning structure that stands out from the rest.

Multifunctional application:

The versatility of PVC corrugated roofing extends beyond residential and commercial construction. Due to their exceptional durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions, they have found use in agricultural structures such as greenhouses and barns. Additionally, their lightweight nature makes them ideal for temporary structures such as tents and portable shelters. This flexibility makes PVC corrugated roofing a popular choice across a variety of industries.

Product Color

Asa Spanish Roofing Tile

Tianjin Jiaxing Import and Export Co., Ltd. - a trustworthy manufacturer:

When it comes to PVC corrugated roofing sheets, choosing a reliable manufacturer is crucial. Tianjin Jiaxing Import and Export Co., Ltd. has been China's leading manufacturer of plastic roofing and wall panels since 1998. With years of experience and commitment to quality, they have become a trusted supplier of synthetic resin sheets. They offer a variety of products, including PVC, FRP and PC roofing sheets, and their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction sets them apart from their competitors.

Synthetic Resin Sheet
Pvc Roofing

In conclusion:

All in all, PVC corrugated roofing has many advantages that make it a top choice among architects, contractors, and homeowners. Their hassle-free installation, low maintenance and visual versatility make them an attractive choice for any construction project. When choosing PVC corrugated roofing sheets, choose a reputable manufacturer like Tianjin Jiaxing Import and Export Co., Ltd. Ensure superior quality and long-lasting performance. Explore the endless possibilities of PVC corrugated roof panels to enhance the design and functionality of your building today.


1050mm Asa Roof Tile
Asa Spanish Roofing Tile

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4 Layer Asa Roof Tile
Chinese Economic Asa Spanish Long Lifetime Resin Materials Pvc Roof Tile

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