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ELASTIC High Quality Hot sale ASA Synthetic Resin PVC Roofing Tile

This is a new type of roofing material. It is using the ASA engineering resin as the surface material, four layer co-extrusion with PVC resin, suitable for outdoor application. It is widely used for flat-to sloping roof conversion, villas, shopping malls, residential areas, new rural resident construction, awning, concrete structures, steel structures, wood structures, brick structures and other hybrid structure slop roof and so on.

Thickness  Width Total Width Effective Width Weight  Color Length
2.3±0.05mm, 2.5±0.05mm, 3.0±0.05mm 1050mm  960mm 4.6-6 kg/m Purplish Red, Brick Red, Bright Red, Sky Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, Golden,Terracotta Customized 



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1. Super weather resistance Synthetic resin tiles generally produce excellent high weather resistance engineering resins.Such as ASA, PPMA, pmma, etc., these materials are all highly weather-resistant materials,It has extraordinary weather resistance in the natural environment.
2. Excellent corrosion resistance
High weather resistance resin and main resin have very good corrosion resistance,Will not be eroded by rain and snow to cause performance degradation,It can resist the corrosion of many chemical substances such as acid, alkali and salt for a long time.Therefore, it is very suitable for coastal areas with strong salt spray corrosion and areas with severe air pollution.
The surface of the synthetic resin tile is dense and smooth, not easy to absorb dust, and has a "lotus effect".The rain washed clean as new, and there will be no mottled phenomenon of being washed by rain after the dirt is deposited.
4.easy to install
5. Fire rating reaches B1
It meets the national fire protection requirements for roofing materials and reaches the flame-retardant standard, effectively delaying the spread of fire.





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