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Product name: china 8mm 10mm clear green plastic twin-wall polycarbonate pc roofing polycarbonate hollow sheet
Thickness: 2.8mm-20mm / customized
Width: 1220/1560/1820/2100mm;custom
Length: Any length, free cutting
Standard size: 1.22*2.44;2.1*5.8;2.1*6;2.1*11.6;2.1*11.8;2.1*30m
color: clear;opal;blue;green;grey;brown;yellow;etc
certification: ISO9001:2015 / SGS /CE
Warranty: 10 year
flame retardant: b1 grade
scratch resistant: h grade
uv thickness: 50 micron ; based on customers needs
service temperature: -40℃-120℃
technology: co-extrusion
delivery: 5-10 day after receipt of deposit
application greenhouse; sound barriers; carport; window anwing ; sliding door; swimming pool cover ; polic riot sheields; skylight ; curtain
machinable process: glare; hardend;scratch proof

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1. Excellent light transmittance, up to 18%-80%
2. Polycarbonate is the most shock-resistant polymer engineering plastic, which is 10-27 times higher than plexiglous glass and won't turn yellow in the sun
3. The surface has 50 micron anti-ultraviolet coating, 10 years of quality assurance, will not cause yellowing
4. The temperature between -40 ℃ and +120 ℃ will not cause deformation and other quality deterioration
5. Light weight, easy to transport and install




Related Product Drawing


A. Product Range
1).Twin-walls polycarbonate sheet thickness: 4,6,8,10,12 Width: 2100mm.
2).Triple-walls polycarbonate sheet thickness: 8,10,12,14,16. Width: 2100mm.
3).Four-walls polycarbonate sheet thickness: 8,10,12,14,16,18,20mm. Width: 2100mm.
4).Honeycomb polycarbonate sheet thickness: 6,8,10,12,14mm. Width: 2100mm.
5).X-structure polycarbonate sheet thickness: 14,16,18,20,25,30mm.
6).Solid polycarbonate sheet [Compact] thickness:0.9-8.0mm.
 Width: 1220,1560,1820,2100mm.Usually 1220*2440mm, 2050*3000mm
7).Corrugated polycarbonate sheet: 0.8-2.5mm. Width is different.
B.Length: No limit(Recommend 5800, 6000, 11800,12000mm to suit 20'container &40'container).
C.Color: clear/transparent, lake blue, green, blue, opal, white, brown/bronze, silvery grey, red, yellow, etc.



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